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Friends and Affiliates

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey. Here are some awesome places where you can get a discount through me because of how awesome they are!
Plug Your Holes has been an awesome company to me. Run by a group of the most awesome people I know and local to the Kansas City area. Such an amazing selection of ear plugs, tunnels, and so much more! Use my discount code to get it all at an amazing price too!
PYH Discount Code: XKLUTCHX
TechniSport USA "Where comfort meets peak performance." Their slogan couldnt be more true. Take it form someone who spends ALOT of time in their chair behind a computer screen designing graphics and gaming, these chairs are worth the investment!
TechniSportUSA Discount Code: XKLUTCHX
MIXT Energy is exactly what you need to burn the midnight oil or even blast through a heavy work loaded day. This stuff tastes great, keeps you feeling great, and doesnt let you crash. Loaded with vitamins and zero sugar, its guaranteed to give you the boost you need.
MIXT Energy Discount Code: KLUTCH10
Acer Vantes is one of the coolest guys I've had the privilege of knowing. He has supported me from the very beginning and has been a great friend. This dude mixes and produces some amazing music.
Check out his work: